FP Sleeveless Vent Baselayer - NorCal

A lightweight polypropylene base layer with extra high breathability features, made of mesh fabric for a good temperature regulation in both summer and winter.

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The Cuore baselayer combines everything a good baselayer needs. Made of polypropylene fibers, the round neck shirt is ultra-light and barley absorbs moisture, which is also transported to the outside through the high surface tension. The high breathability of the material ensures optimum temperature balance as well as antibacterial qualities, which makes it perfect for warm days.. The high elasticity of the material and the anatomical cut allow a solid fit so that the baselayer lies close to the body. The sleeveless cut ensures that moisture management takes place throughout the torso without an unwanted layer in the shoulder/arm area. The large-pored mesh fabric increases breathability and the honeycomb construction of the fabric serves as insulation. This ensures a pleasant temperature balance in both summer and winter. This function increases comfort and allows cool air to get where you want it. Due to its fast drying and moisture transporting characteristics, our baselayer is suitable for all seasons.

  • Made of polypropylene for comfortable moisture management 
  • Temperature balance and antibacterial characteristics for more comfort 
  • Elastic, tight material for anatomical perfect fit 
  • Sleeveless cut for more comfort in the shoulder/arm area 
  • Mesh fabric for extra high breathability and honeycomb construction for insulation 
  • Extra neutral in odour