Women's Silver Triathlon S/sleeve 2in1 Suit

Ergonomic advantages combined with aerodynamics and nano finishing technology result in a triathlon suit that supports you in every discipline.

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We developed a racing suit that truly stands for the versatility of triathlon. Selected materials have been combined with the latest cuts to create a suit that adapts to every discipline of the competition. The Short Sleeve 2in1 Tri Suit was designed to create the perfect balance between aerodynamics, comfort and function. The evaluated and state-of-the-art one-piece suit, made largely from nano-finishing technology, has water-repellent features that ensure you don't bear unnecessary weight. The aggressive cut provides the essential compression fit which brings ergonomic and aerodynamic benefits without sacrificing elasticity. While you focus on your competition, we focus on the rest, such as the chamois. Our in-house MTT 1 chamois is designed for the triathlon discipline and is designed to provide comfort through its high density foam on the bike, the latest materials ensure that it dries quickly after swimming, and due to it's low profile it won't allow a diaper butt while running. The high elasticity of the material ensures that the chamois adapts to any movement while remaining comfortable. Our sleeveless Tri Suit combines comfort with functionality and aerodynamics and will support you best on your next competition.                                                                                              

Water-repellent properties through nano finishing technology                                  

Compression fit for ergonomic and aerodynamic benefits                                                         

High density chamois for comfort and flat profile                                 

Chamois dries quickly and stays in position throughout every movement