The Cranks Women's Gold S/Sleeve Original Jersey 2023

This is the jersey that you are all too familiar with over the last 3 years since switching from Silver to Gold in 2020. The Cranks default sleeve length has always been +4cm. If you are happy with this then that’s what you choose. If you wish to customise you now have the option. For example, if you’d like 2cm shorter than historical default you will choose +2, 4cm shorter you’d choose normal and so on.

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Tour and Giro stage wins in its palmarès, this jersey was designed to inspire and perform for the most intense rider in the best way possible. Lightweight and breathable fabric in the chest area and optimal stretch that uniquely adapts to your body throughout the ride and your changing ride positions. An innovative, form fitting shoulder-arm cut with fabrics that move with you and improve the aerodynamics of the jersey. The highly breathable, moisture moving fabric used in the back allows additional air circulation and the proper temperature regulation as you ramp things up or down. With its form fit, it is not only ideal for the next race or your next demanding ride where you want to look pro and feel fast without sacrificing functionality, but also for a relaxed leisure ride.

•Ultra light fabrics
•Bi-elastic, breathable fabric in the chest area
•Horizontal-elastic fabric in the back area for back pockets that stay in place
•Effective air circulation
•Backwards shifted side panels for better fit
•Aerodynamic shoulder-arm cut
•Race Cut