The Cranks Classic Cap 2023

You are all familiar with the shape and fabric of this cap, since this is the one the Cranks has been using since 2020. This cap is meant for off-the-bike made with a sturdier but less stretchy fabric. If you are looking for a softer and stretchier cap, please consider 'The Cranks Under Helmet Cap 2023'.

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A summer cap for warm and sunny days. Made of lightweight and breathable material, it is ideal for wearing on warm days and can also be worn under a helmet… The cap can also serve as a light sun protection and offers more comfort under the helmet. The shade serves as, as the name suggests, sun-blend protection but also during a rain shower this shade will ensure that the water does not get into your eyes. An elastic band on the back of the head provides comfort and support. The Design Option allows you to customize your outfit, so it's consistent from head to toe.

  • Lightweight and breathable materials
  • Shade
  • Elastic strap on the back of the head for added comfort